Singles' Ministry



To encourage all singles, widows, widowers, divorced, single parents and never married adults of all ages to live a holy, consecrated life before the Lord. To minister to all aspects of the single's mind, body and spirit. To demonstrate to singles that by yielding their entire vessel to the Lord and adhering to His word, they can make it. To help singles to understand that because of the glory upon their lives, they are anointed to seek the Lord like never before, to serve the Lord with their whole heart, and to discover their purpose and destiny in life. To support singles as they discover their dignity, value and worth both to self and the ministry, while living a life dedicated to Jesus Christ, one of the greatest singles who dwelt among us.



To influence singles to care for the things of the Lord and to live a life pleasing to Him.


Directors: Prophet David Harden & Evangelist Diana Harden

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